Anthroptic PublishingVisual Publishing

We like to publish a variety of formats. From classic hardcopy printed matter to future time multimedia.

The Form Follows Function

And sometimes the function follows form. Depenidng on the story that has to be told. Stories can be anything, from science fiction to non-fiction and everything in between like; cooking books, travel maps, survival guides and much more. A story can be captured in many forms, including motion graphics and live action.


Anthroptic PublishingAudio Publishing

You can read the words. Or the story can be made into spoken words, to make it an audible story.

The Universal Language

A story can be told by music. The expression of sound and frequencies. Touching the nucleus of mankind; emotions. Which can make us see and hear things differently, from another point of view. But always from the perspective of our existence, which is: the humanoid point of view, also known as: Anthro Optic.